About Us

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KKSM is a private art gallery established by Güniz and Cengiz Can in 2009, to contribute to the cultural setting of İzmir. The main aim of the gallery is to communicate the artistic sense of certain groups included in its frame with a wider audience and to preserve the artistic production of these often-ignored parties along with the production of masters in art by creating a living and developing space, shaped by its audience but also has a certain art policy; avoiding to become a venue where artworks are seen as merely objects to be bought and sold as a commodity. By incorporating the works of young and talented artists whom we’ve recently begun to notice, into the selection of works by the Masters of Turkish Art, KKSM emphasises the need to support the artistic production of young artists. KKSM contributes to its goal of becoming a cultural share-based platform through realising various cultural activities. In the centre where Art Talks, workshops, competitions, interviews and panels are held, the audience demands are always considered in the organisation process and an interactive activity planning is embraced. KKSM, aiming to constantly expand its impact area and target audience, carries out works that add value to the community via its numerous project and solution partnerships it forms with municipalities, non-governmental organizations, associations as well as many educational institutions.