Cusine & Pastry Workshops

Cuisine and Pastry Workshops

We believe that culinary arts are an essential ingredient of culture. Culinary arts are not perceived as a cultural event in our daily lives; the primary motives health, appetite and socializing drive us to cook. However, the pleasure gained in the kitchen encourages us to explore and try. We manage to get to know different cultures through their cuisines and bond with them effortlessly. We invite you to accompany us in this delicious adventure.

Cuisine Workshop:

İzmir Gastronomy Association Head, Gökçen Yıldırım teaches the finesse of culinary arts, preparation of various menus, cooking and serving techniques. The workshop is held depending on the participant requests in different days on the week. Delicious meals enjoyed in company of joyful conversations after the application is a plus.

Pastry Workshop:

İkbal’s Pastry Workshop is a must for those who wish to combine their passion for deserts with unique recipes. You can live a tasteful experience with this workshop preparing macaroons, cakes with sugar paste, pizza and chocolates.

Pastry workshop for kids of age 5-12 is the right address for those stepping into the kitchen for the first time. We invite you to Kids Pastry Workshop to learn cookie, cupcake and pastry making with fun and practical methods. Birthday Parties in Pastry Workshop is an alternative program for families who wish to present their guests an unforgettable day.

Also, we await your cake and almond paste inquiries for special occasions. To choose your cake, you can visit the website via clicking the link “IKBUSH PASTA”.